A Natural Choice In The Treatment and Support Of Many disorders. 

Indian Creek Natural Medicine offers, pain relief, patient education, health maintenance, disease prevention  and the restoration of optimal health through a combination of successful, safe treatments. Our chiropractic, podiatry, therapeutic massage, acupuncture and nutritional services can help restore health literally from head to toe.

Fast Pain Relief With An Emphasis On Drug Free, Non-Surgical Care.

Pain relief occurs naturally when its cause is eliminated. Improving abnormal function is the key to long term pain relief. Failure to restore function means any pain relief is temporary and increases the risk of re-injury and chronic pain. Joints and tissues that have normal function are not painful, perform correctly and are less likely to be injured.

"Pain Relief And Wellness From Head To Toe"

Physical Therapies
Therapeutic Massage
Nutritional Therapies
Full Lab Testing


"Life Doesn't Have To Be A Pain"