As a community service, we are providing free health workshops to help you better understand how to be pro-active with your health care.   Pressure Point Massage:  Learn how to reduce pain and stress while improving health.  Bring a partner and learn how to help each other!         Eliminating Headaches Naturally:  Discusses the causes and natural cures for stress-induced and migraine headaches.     Balancing Hormones with Natural Solutions:  Learn about the causes of hormone imbalance, as well as the important role of diet, vitamins, exercises, and stress reduction.   Understanding Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:  Find out about safe, effective treatment for chronic muscular pain, fatigue and depression.    Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorders:  Understand the neurological and physiological causes  that affect behavior.  Learn winning techniques that help improve both conditions.     Arthritis:  Alternative approaches to preventing and handling arthritic pain.  Understand the causes of arthritis and non-drug solutions.     Health and Stress:  The causes and cures.   Discover how stress affects the body and simple things you can do to reduce its effects.    Bring a friend!  Seating limited, to RSVP, call 913-649-6677